Cultural training for Top Styles dancers

4 international teachers

8 topics

12 hours of workshops

Monthly workshops with international dancers for Hip Hop, House, Popping and Top Styles lovers! This first semester will be a return to the roots with specialists of the Street Dance culture.

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INOX began his Popping training at 17, and spends many years travelling and competing. Earning international recognition, INOX focuses on individual expression within artistic exploration and wants to inspire others to feel good about their own unique idiosyncrasies.
In the past 4 years he travels to over 50 countries including Japan, Russia, and the US and judges more than 100 urban dance events. He teaches over 200 workshops based on his own methodology, based on the search for body discomfort, continuous evolution and risk-taking. His movement is based on strong visual effects, narrative concepts and the creation of strange entities.



Ainara Prieto is a spanish dancer, teacher and choreographer known for her versatility and passion. She is a reference in Spain within Street dance.
Moreover, she has a global vision of the dance thanks to her formation and work in styles like Tap, Contemporary, Jazz and Swing dances. She is a pioneer of SOUL DANCE in Spain and currently runs the first professional urban company in Madrid called COMUNITY DANZA. Recognized for her mastery as a teacher for her dedication and her ability to create the perfect vibe in her classes, she is responsible for the union between the swing and hip hop communities in Madrid.



Raised with soul melodies, funk rhythms, and hip hop drums, this Madrid popping dancer’s development goes beyond movement. His foray into urban dance during adolescence in a self-taught way, gave him experience and knowledge through multiple workshops and trips that he made during his training, which continues to the present day.
His language is music, and he transmits it with his dance and through his personal project « AURAEM ». An investigation created with the aim of disseminating music in a formative and conscious way to street dancers.



Shannon Whichway Sha is an established Artist/Lecturer from New York City. He has worked with MOTOWN recording industry and has been featured on tour with reknowned singer STACY LATTISAW. He was highlighted for dancing in videos of DOUG-E FRESH, RUN-DMC, TONI BRAXTON, SHABA RANKS as well as in the dance documentary « THE HOUSE OF TRES »!
He was part of many international seminars, and events such as the National Dance Education Organisation Seminar Buffalo (NYC), Tokyo Dance Delight (Japan); Street Star Stockholm (Sweden); Juste Debout Paris and also performed as a specialty act for MADONNA.
Whichway Sha is currently a part of the groups DANCE FUSION, and NEW YORK STATE DANCE EDUCATION ASSOCIATION. He also manages ANATOMIC JACK & DANCE COMPANY!


26/09 INOX
1 day pass 45.- CHF
13:00-14:30 Character Building 30.- CHF
14:45-16:15 Waving 30.- CHF
24/10 AINARA
1 day pass 45.- CHF
13:00-14:30 Soul Dance 30.- CHF
14:45-16:15 Soft Shoes 30.- CHF
1 day pass 45.- CHF
13:00-14:30 Music history 30.- CHF
14:45-16:15 Musicality 30.- CHF
1 day pass 45.- CHF
13:00-14:30 From Hip Hop to House 30.- CHF
14:45-16:15 Stalking 30.- CHF
*FULL PASS (4 days, 12h of class) 170.- CHF
26/09 INOX
1 day pass 55.- CHF
13:00-14:30 Character Building 35.- CHF
14:45-16:15 Waving 35.- CHF
24/10 AINARA
1 day pass 55.- CHF
13:00-14:30 Soul Dance 35.- CHF
14:45-16:15 Soft Shoes 35.- CHF
1 day pass 55.- CHF
13:00-14:30 Music history 35.- CHF
14:45-16:15 Musicality 35.- CHF
1 day pass 55.- CHF
13:00-14:30 From Hip Hop to House 35.- CHF
14:45-16:15 Stalking 35.- CHF
* FULL PASS (4 days, 12h of class)
Until the 9th of September 180.- CHF. From the 10th of Sept. 200.- CHF
The spot won’t be reserved until the payment is done.
How do you want to pay?
  • Cash (every Wednesday from 18:00 to 20:00 at groove or directly at the workshop)
  • Paypal at the following adress :

To register, please fill in the registration form below with the course(s) you wish to participate in.

If on the day of the workshop you haven’t done the registration beforehand, the price at the entrance will be the same for everyone:
1h30 for 35.- CHF
3h for 55.- CHF





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